Automated Wellness Checks On Employees

Set up daily mental health check-ins to collect & visualize employee wellness data
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Automated Wellness Checks On Employees


Track how your people feel when they approach work every day.

How do employee wellness checks work?


Measure how initiatives and management style impacts your people.

What are employee wellness checks?


Learn and make changes before facing preventable turnover.

How do employee wellness checks work?

Talking about mental health is hard. Kona makes it easy. The Slack app simplifies employee wellness into three moods: green, yellow and red. Your team gets a Slack message from Kona asking about how they're feeling everyday. They can add as much or as little detail as they want to.

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What are employee wellness checks?

Checking in on your team's wellbeing is more than just daily status updates on Slack. It's also data collection. Kona takes all the data collected from the check-ins and visualizes them into actionable insights in custom dashboards for each team.

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Analyze employee wellness data in custom dashboards

All data from your team's daily checks gets sent into a dashboard where Kona can spot trends, warn you about burnout and prompt managers to action. Each manager can see how their team has been feeling as a group as well as individual members.

Why your team suffers without wellness checks

Without a streamlined tool, employee wellbeing is near impossible to identify, measure, and act on at a company-wide level. With varying degrees of management styles, large workloads that go unnoticed, and mental health support as an ad hoc to-do, your people can easily suffer in silence. If you celebrate vulnerability and create a psychologically safe work environment, everyone is on an equal playing field. Kona will do that for you.

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The key benefits of daily employee wellness checks

Identify weaknesses.

Identify weaknesses.

You can't make changes without knowing what's wrong. Identify where your well-being support is weak and address changes quickly.

Improve employee morale.

Improve employee morale.

Monitoring morale regularly will help you address challenges swiftly on the team wide and company-wide level. 

Find top talent.

Find top talent.

Leverage your reputation as a people-first employer as a talent lead magnet.

Grow employee referrals.

Grow employee referrals.

When your people are happy, they won’t be afraid to share it with the world.

Ways you can use Kona to help your team: 

Use Kona to support employee wellbeing across every department.

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Set up daily wellness checks with Kona.

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