Run 1:1 meetings with more feedback, trust,
and accountability.

The 30-day accelerator for remote managers
who want more from their 1:1s.

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It's easy to dread your 1:1s, especially when...

You're busy with a million things, and now there's a meeting.
Your teammates barely participate or give you feedback.
You get status updates or small talk, every single time.

A three-step process that fits your workflow.


Meeting Audit

Understand your blindspots. We audit your effectiveness, schedule, and meetings.

Personalized Plan

We create custom agendas, impactful questions, and habits you can use for a lifetime.

Coaching Check-ins

Get weekly feedback on your meetings and 1:1 coaching, without crowding your calendar.

When we tackle 1:1s, we also tackle...

Accountability, Alignment, and Expectations

See how one-on-ones can help with setting proper expectations, creating a culture of high ownership and achievement.

Coaching & Feedback

Up-level your people and get honest feedback from your team.

Difficult Conversations

Navigate hard conversations around performance with ease.

Trust & Relationships

Consistently build a culture of psychological safety and trust.

Change Management

Navigate changing environments and be a harbor for your team.

What our leaders have to say

Chelsea Long
Customer Support Lead

We really started, truly, in a kind of a blank slate situation where I was having one-on-ones but they weren’t really anything to write home about. This really changed in the past month to a whole different format, which the team absolutely loves. We’re also incorporating a little more in-depth career conversations.

For me, the most valuable part of this program has been the very individualized feedback and getting opportunities to chat through issues that I ran into. A book just doesn’t give you that. It's really easy to forget to prioritize leadership development, but knowing that I had homework and that it’s due made it really easy for me to keep on track.

I’ve gotten so much positive feedback. My boss and my boss’s boss have both noticed. This program built a lot of confidence for me.

Solution Architecture Lead

The program really changed the way I look at one-on-ones - it was a complete shift. When I wasn’t managing, I thought one-on-ones are just a conversation. Now I know that this is one of the most important things you can do as a manager. During my time in the accelerator, I figured out what not to do - and what we are probably all doing as new managers. I learned that you must prepare a lot for your one-on-ones, and now I block time in my calendar. I also block time post-one-on-ones to ensure that I follow up on what people say to me. I referenced the program’s questions and came up with unique questions per person. I continue using the shared materials almost every time I prepare, to make sure that I do not forget to ask questions from different domains.

Support from Kona’s team helped me to ask bigger questions with more confidence and experience that spark when people open up for the right questions.

Rich Truong
Customer Success Engineering Lead

This program really encouraged me to take action. I really liked that format. I read leadership books on my own, but I don’t usually get the opportunity to talk about it. Having someone to bounce ideas off of and coming away with action items is great.

I feel like I made progress in leaps and bounds. I struggled with one on ones as I didn’t know what to talk about. But now, coming out of that block of meetings, I feel really good about where I’m at and where the team is at. It’s been huge—-I’m making effort to make notes for every one on one meeting with the agenda and sections we workshopped. My teammates are coming to me more, they’re looking to collaborate on things we’ve talked about.

This week, I heard feedback from my manager that he’s noticed that projects have been going very well and to keep up the great work.

Frequently asked questions

You'll work directly with Kona’s co-founders
(Yen Tan and Siddharth Pandiya), who have interviewed over 1,200 remote managers, led workshops and coaching sessions, and had their leadership research featured in several publications.
Preparation for your custom action plan (audit, kick-off interview, game plan) takes about two hours total. Afterwards, your cadence can be completely customized to your schedule––weekly 1:1s, ad hoc touch-points, async write-ups––it's up to you and your working style!
The only preparation needed is a bit of reflection. Having a goal for your one-on-ones and an understanding of your leadership gaps can help us accomplish more! We’ll be giving you all the necessary materials at the beginning of program.
Due to the nature of manager one-on-ones, we require you to manage at least one person to participate in this program.
It's hard enough to manage teams, let alone manage budget cuts, lay-offs, and increased pressure. We're creating a limited-time 80% discount for early birds! We also believe great leadership should be accessible, period.

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Three-Step Process
  1. Full 1:1 Meeting Audit
  2. Personalized One-on-One Action Plan
  3. Weekly 30min Coaching Check-ins

What You Get
  1. Full 1:1 audit for leadership blindspots
  2. Relevant reading for your leadership focus
  3. Custom agendas based on your goals
  4. Evergreen leadership best practices
  5. One on one, weekly 30 minute coaching
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