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About People Leader Book Club

Previously known as Manager Book Club, this global community started from our shared love of reading and leadership.

Our host, Yen, reached out on LinkedIn asking if anyone wanted to read "Radical Candor" together. Leaders from around the world joined in, along with the author, Kim Scott!

Since we began in April 2023, we've brought together incredible executives from top tech companies and bestselling authors every month. People Leader Book Club is about sparking exciting discussions, friendships, and new ideas!

What our club members have to say

Alise Faircloth
People Specialist

Today I was on a cloud while attending my second Kona Manager's Book Club meeting. The one and only Kim Scott joined us!! I was FAN-ing out a bit taking everything in as she answered our questions.

The best part about this book club for me personally have been our breakout sessions, today I met Hena Teinzer and our conversation expanded my toolkit as a people leader. I appreciate you!

Thank you Yen Tan and Team, joining this group has already made an impact for me and I look forward to our next sessions!

Ashley Noland
Internal and Executive Communications Manager

I'm going to keep hyping Kona's Manager Book Club, brought to life by Yen Tan. I truly appreciate the space they've created to read a new book and discuss it with other like-minded leaders across industries.

Author, Celeste Headlee, joined our discussion earlier this week, and I had the opportunity to ask her a question about finding leisure time while navigating parenthood. I'm excited, so I'm making some ridiculous faces, but Celeste's insights are pretty keen.

If you're considering joining Kona's book club, this is your sign.

Teresa Chandler
Senior HR Business Partner

Commuting isn’t too bad when you have a good book with you: “Just Work"by Kim Scott is mine this month and I am reading it for the second time. Yes, it’s THAT good.

This gem is also our current read in our amazing book club. Joining the club a few months ago has truly been a life-changing experience.

A massive thank to all the incredible people first leaders from around the globe who are part of the book club! Our discussions have brought in fresh perspectives and fab ideas.

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