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How Kona Note Taker works


  • No installation is required.


  1. Go to the @Kona app in Slack and click “Next”. Complete the onboarding steps by answering the questions.
    Important: Make sure your direct reports are added in Kona, so that Kona knows which 1:1s to join.
  1. Link your Google Calendar.
  2. While Kona is still in private beta: Contact the Kona team at sid@heykona.com so we can enable the feature for you.
  3. That’s it, you’re all set! Wait for your next 1:1 for Kona to join your meeting.
During your meeting:
  • The next time you have a 1:1 with a direct report, Kona will automatically join the Zoom waiting room based on your Google Calendar. Admit Kona into the Zoom meeting.
  • To pause the notetaking: type “Kona pause” into the Zoom chat.
  • To restart the notetaking: type “Kona start” into the Zoom chat.
  • To end the notetaking completely: type “Kona leave” into the Zoom chat. Kona will leave the meeting.
  • After the meeting has ended, Kona will send you a Slack message with notes, action items, and coaching observations from your meeting.
Kona Note Taker: Meeting summary in Slack


  • No uninstallation is required.


  1. Bot didn’t join the meeting:
    • Ensure that you've linked your calendar correctly by going to Slack → Kona → Settings → Calendar Settings.
  2. Inaccurate transcriptions:
    • Make sure you're in a quiet environment with good audio quality during the meeting to improve transcription accuracy.
  3. Coaching and notes not generated:


  • What does my direct report see after the meeting?
    • After the meeting, your direct report will also receive notes and action items from the meeting. They will not receive any coaching observations – those are just for you as the manager.
  • How do I describe Kona’s AI notetaker to my direct report? I want to get their consent before using it.
    • “Hey {name}, I’m trying out a new notetaker called Kona for our 1:1s. Kona will join our next Zoom meeting and take notes for us, which it will send to each of us in Slack after the meeting. The recording and transcript of our meeting is never stored, and is deleted immediately after the meeting ends. The notes Kona takes are 100% private between us. This will help me keep track of our conversations and action items, as well as receive some coaching on how I can support you better going forward. Let me know if you have any questions/concerns about this.”
  • Does Kona store the recording or transcript of my meeting?
    • No, the recording and transcript of the meeting are never stored in Kona’s databases.
  • What security and privacy measures does Kona take?
    • Security and privacy of our users is a top priority for us at Kona. The notes are 100% confidential between you and your direct report. All data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit. You can learn more about our security and privacy measures at trust.heykona.com.
  • Does HR or anyone else at the company have access to my notes?
    • No – your notes are 100% private to you and your direct report.

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