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from Otrium
[Kona is] really onto something here. This can give my leads a lot more confidence to address issues with their engineers. This adds the "people manager juice" to newer managers who don't have that context.


from Aircall
I call it my little sidekick. It’s like having an extra person on the team, a mini People Ops team within Partnerships, that reports to me about the team’s problems. It helps me be a better manager and support my team in the moment.


from XWP
The new advice/suggestions being provided to managers and the team have been really intriguing, helpful, and sparked some interesting conversations. Impressive!
Because happier teams do better.

Kona teams perform better

Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6x more likely to perform their best work.

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96% of employees believe showing empathy is an important way to advance employee retention.

Kona teams cost less

Over half of all employees are disengaged. Disengaged employees cost 18% of their salary per year.

Kona teams their friends

89% of workers at companies that support well-being initiatives are more likely to recommend their company.

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