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What’s the largest team size you can have on Kona?

We technically don’t limit Kona teams by size in our app or in pricing. We advise leaders to keep each Kona team to less than 15 people. We’ve learned that larger groups often struggle to maintain the level of psychological safety and vulnerability for honest responses. Dozens of Kona updates can also crowd a channel like no other!

How do you add Kona to Slack?

Kona is a Slack app, making it easy to add to your company's Slack workspace.

First, check whether Kona has been already installed by your organization. In Slack, hit CMD+K to search for Kona OR look for Kona in the apps section of your left sidebar.

If Kona does not yet exist in your organization’s Slack apps, you will need to click the Add to Slack link above and submit an IT request to your Slack admin. You may need to get the app approved through internal processes as well. Once Kona’s approved, anyone can use Kona with their teams.

Does Kona message my existing channel?

Kona slots into an existing Slack channel and shares a daily check-in to the team. Settings and additional features are all available within the Kona app, which you can find in the app section of Slack’s sidebar. 

In set-up, you’ll have the chance to choose which channel Kona sends its check-ins. Managers have success adding Kona to both existing and new channels. The goal is to create a daily habit of checking in with teammates.

Existing channels make it easy to check-in in one place. However, managers may opt to create a new “water cooler” channel to avoid crowding existing channels or if a team channel does not exist yet.

How do I upgrade to a bigger plan?

Simply contact corine@heykona.com and tell us how we can help! We're happy to offer custom pricing plans that work for you!

What are my payment options?

We securely invoice our customers using Stripe. You have the choice to pay via credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Bank Transfer.

Managers will often use this invoice for company reimbursement or consolidate their department payments under one card.

How does the free trial work?

New users have access to Kona's basic Slack features for free, forever. Kona will send a daily check-in at the time chosen during onboarding. Settings can be adjusted in Slack.

For interested companies, we can also offer a free 30-day trial of Kona's Pro features to test during your pilot.

How do I cancel my free trial?

We're sorry to hear that your trial didn't work out! You can cancel your plan at any time during your trial by visiting Kona >> Settings >> Red-Yellow-Green >> Off.

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