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Frequently Asked Questions

What are common use cases for Kona?

Kona's check-ins help remote teams lead empathetic conversations and keep tabs on wellness.

With Kona, you can:

💚 Take a pulse on emotions in Slack. No more mood spreadsheets or long surveys.

☕️ Spark water-cooler conversations. Talk about your hobbies or that stubbed toe.

🗓 Add crucial context to meetings. Read the room before you enter Zoom.

👋 Onboard teammates faster. Build relationships with daily touch points.

📊 Track team health data. Make data-based decisions for your team culture.

Can Kona's check-ins be made anonymous?

Right now, no. Kona sends a prompt to a channel, so channel members can participate. We recommend keeping channels limited to you and your direct reports to support vulnerability.

We keep Kona's responses non-anonymous for a few reasons:

1) Teammates associate responses to a personality. Teams often bond over discovered interests and funny anecdotes.

2) Non-anonymity makes Yellows and Reds actionable. Teammates often reach out after seeing a teammate in need.

3) Kona usage aligns with vulnerability. Open teams build trust easier.

What is your privacy policy?

We take pride in working with some of the best tech cultures in the world. As a result, we take privacy incredible seriously. You can read our privacy policy here.

For further privacy-related questions, email

What is pricing?

We're currently giving Kona for FREE to the first 5 managers at any organization. This allows leaders to test and ensure Kona fits the existing company culture.

For additional managers, we charge $50/manager/month. This pricing does not change with the number of teammates per manager.

Is this a tool for just managers?

Even though Kona empowers managers to lead with empathy and data, the tool is meant for the entire remote team.

Teammates find Kona's prompts and custom emojis fast and fun, making it easy to update teammates about life outside of work. Kona's extended admin dashboard makes it a great tool for People Ops and HR Leaders as well.

As a People Ops admin, can I view multiple teams?

Yes! Kona's check-ins make it a powerful view for tracking a company's health. As a result, Kona's Slack-based dashboard has an admin view for company leaders. Admins can view Red-Yellow-Green trend graphs for multiple teams. However, all skip-level graphs are anonymized. Only direct managers can view the emojis and context shared by their direct reports.

Is Kona only Slack-based?

At the moment, yes! All of Kona's features and dashboard exist in Slack. We plan to eventually move towards a web-based dashboard and integrations with remote-favorites like Jira, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Does Kona support multiple timezones?

Yes! Some of our favorite customers have teams spread across over a dozen timezones. We've built multiple features to accommodate these fully-distributed teams. Sign up for our waitlist to view a full demo with us!

Which languages does Kona support?

At the moment, Kona only supports English. If you have a team with other language needs, feel free to let us know at We'd be happy to accommodate.

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