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Build your team culture in Slack.

Kona helps remote managers track team morale and lead with empathy.

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People leave managers,
not companies.

Working remotely makes management significantly harder. With employee burnout on the rise, improving your soft skills is the key to happy, productive teams that stay together.

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Meet Kona.

Kona - Build remote team culture in Slack | Product Hunt

Kona automates leadership best practices.

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Get visibility on team emotions.

Kona automates daily check-ins to encourage vulnerability and bonding.

Adapt to individual needs.

Kona surfaces work style traits so you can lead with mindfulness.

Be proactive with your culture.

Kona creates detailed health reports and delivers smart, actionable insights.

Turn your Slack into a culture engine.

Onboard new teammates.

Kona helps new teammates
adapt to your culture and
get to know their coworkers better.

Train new managers.

Kona's habits scale remote best practices for more emotionally intelligent leaders.

Live by company values.

Kona helps remote teams implement core values into their daily lives.

        Billy     11:10 am
      Thanks for the warm welcome! Can't wait to meet everyone!

          Billy prefers to bond with people
      through 1:1s.
Billy can be a bit quieter in groups, though he loves meeting new people.

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Trusted by the top remote managers.

Brooke Bachesta

SDR Manager, Outreach.io

"Kona was able to help us feel closer and be more communicative during these crazy times."

Francois testimonial

Francois Grenier

Head of Technology Partnerships

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"Getting quick and easy-to-digest bullet points before meeting with new and old team members has really helped the team be more mindful of each other's preferences."

Darcy testimonial

Darcy Boles

Director of Culture and Innovation

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"I'm super excited about the possibility of how Kona will help co-workers understand their communication style on a much deeper level, this could be a game changer in the remote-world."

How TeamSnap Improved Remote Connectedness with Kona

Clicking an emoji every morning changed the way TeamSnap's Engineering team took care of each other. Read how Kona helped leaders eliminate 3-hours of unnecessary meetings every week.

Read the full case study →
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How does Kona work?

1. Pick your remote habits.

Kona offers a variety of EQ habits, from check-ins to user manuals.

2. Find your team Slack channel.

Kona slots into your existing Slack workflow and stays lightweight.

3. Set a cadence that works.

Adjust Kona to multiple timezones and set reminders that help you.

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Our database service uses hardware security modules (HSMs) that have been validated under FIPS 140-2, or are in the process of being validated, to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your keys.

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Who are we?

We’re Sike Insights, a Techstars-backed startup. We’ve had prior startups fail because of ineffective remote communication, and we’re building this company to solve the biggest problems in remote work.

Kona's remote team insights are backed by industry experts, including...

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Empathy is a habit.

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