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Take a pulse on your team's stress
and burnout, right in Slack.

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In 2022, "taking a pulse"
while remote was
one of the
top struggles
for tech managers.

Read the room with
Kona's check-ins.

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68% percent of Millennials and 81% of Gen Z have left roles for mental health reasons, voluntarily and involuntarily.¹

"How are you?" is the most important question managers can ask to support
team wellbeing and mental health.

But remote work and fast-paced startup environments can make it easy to forget.

Kona's daily check-ins guarantee every teammate feels cared for and supported.

Prevent burnout in 10 seconds a day.

Effortless, fun, and built for Slack.

Step 1

Check in daily.

Share privately
or with the team.

Step 2

Get live support.

Struggling folks get tips & benefits.

Step 3

Track burnout.

Leadership gets
org health trends.
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The holistic wellbeing platform in Slack

Adding Kona to Slack takes less than five minutes. Support entire departments
with custom support workflows and health trends.
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Red, Yellow, Green Pulse Survey

Build a check-in habit
that teammates love.

Our simple interface and custom emojis make for a pulse survey teammates can't wait to use.

A screenshot of Kona's signature work style preferences for remote team culture.
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Private or Team Sharing Options

Share your feelings
on your terms, always.

Teammates choose to share with their manager or with the team. Spark conversation or be discreet!

Customizable Support Workflows

Support your team when it matters most.

Create custom support workflows that surface benefits & resources right when teammates need it.

A screenshot of Kona's signature work style preferences for remote team culture.
A screenshot of Kona's signature burnout report for remote team culture.

Organizational Health Analytics

Get real-time burnout
and health analytics.

Don't wait on lagging surveys. Our org-wide trends keep you updated and proactive against burnout.

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Eliminate burnout, not your workflow.

Kona proudly supports over 40+ HR integrations.
Whether you're looking to roll-out Kona using your org chart or you're hoping to enrich your wellbeing data with PTO and employee demographic, Kona has you covered.
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