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Burnout Alerts

Fight burnout before it starts with smart alerts and recommendations.

Easy Onboarding

Onboard new hires faster with daily, shared moments with the entire team.

Coaching Context

Nail every important conversation with key context, before you meet.

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Motivate your team every day, by listening first.

Listen before you preach. Open up a regular channel of communication that gives your sales team a safe space to share issues. 

Get input from the team. New goals stressing out your team? Measure their attitudes in real-time through our analytics dashboard.

Lead stellar coaching sessions. Kona sends context on how your direct report is feeling before every one-on-one, so you can cater your mentorship. 

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Fight Burnout

Reduce turnover by investing in your people.

More than a commission. Get your team excited by their work by helping them feel part of a kick-ass team.

Recognize wins
. When your direct report shares a sales win, Kona prompts you to celebrate as a team. 

Increase engagement
. Help your remote team feel comfortable with engaging whether they meet in person or not.

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Onboard New Reps

Encourage more questions and less fear.

Build a foundation of trust. When teammates are honest about a 💛 or ❤️ day without repercussions, new hires will feel like they can be transparent, too. 

Get them up to speed
. Shorten your employees ramp up time by understanding exactly what they need when they need it. 

Connect and align. Isolation is common across sales teams. Bridge the gap with Kona check-ins.

Hire the Best

Become the Best Place to Work

Word of mouth. If your sales team is happy, their network will know about it. 

Brag about your culture
. Create a strong collaborative culture that sales candidates will be excited about in interviews.

Be purpose-driven. Make culture part of your organization’s short- and long-term goals to attract the right candidates.

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