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Pre-Meeting Briefs

Run better meetings and come prepared with all the context you need.

Public Blockers

Work-related Yellows and Reds naturally expose blockers, so you can take action.

Water Cooler Chat

Break silos and build trust through natural, fun conversations.

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Align Strategy

Get all stakeholders on the same page.

Visibility across projects. Agile teams make their own decisions. Get visibility across the team.

Uncover real pain points
. Align your people by identifying and addressing pain points.

Navigate competing priorities
. Bridge the gap and understand what everyone is working on in one place.

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Build Culture

Maintain a culture of feedback

Support a growth mindset. Agile teams need feedback to grow faster. Solidify a safe space to address how your people feel every day.

Use psychological safety
. Put titles aside. No team member is left out. Everyone is heard.

Communicate asynchronously
. Support deep work by building trust and communication on everyone’s own time.

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Communicate Async

Communicate asynchronously; support deep work

Build relationships without a meeting. You know the product. Get to know your people. Understand how they feel before your one-on-one starts. 

Use data to guide priorities
. Access metrics that lead to sound decisions. Get bragging rights in leadership meetings. 

Lead your team through uncertainty.
Get questions as they arise. Start transparent conversations across your team.

Attract Top Talent

Build the best solution you can, with the best people.

Be purpose-driven. Make culture part of your organization’s short- and long-term goals to attract the right candidates.

Leverage word of mouth
. If your product team is happy, their network will know about it. 

Make onboarding a breeze
. Get every new hire up to speed through team connectedness. 

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