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It's far too easy to forget the person behind a screen while working remotely.

#PeopleFirst means serving your team's needs above yourself. These leaders create safe spaces for wellbeing at work.

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Breaking the stigma with stories

95% of people who took time off work due to stress or anxiety didn’t tell their manager the real reason.

That's why we're breaking the stigma at work with real mental health stories. Take the pledge, explore our library of #PeopleFirst stories, and contribute your own.

Why we're leading #PeopleFirst

Decades of professionalism have taught generations of leaders to leave their feelings and personal lives out of work.

It's become all too common to suffer in silence.

We built Kona to make it okay to show up as your full self at work. But there's always more to be done to fight against mental health stigma.

Bring mental health awareness to the workplace

The stigma surrounding mental health often prevents employees from speaking up about the challenges they face. But sitting in silence leads to loss of productivity, isolation, and turnover. Investing in and discussing mental health at work isn't just the right thing to do—it'll positively impact your business. We dive into how you can successfully support your employee's mental health.

Prevent burnout before it happens

Over 63% of leaders experienced burnout in the last six months. Learn how to address and prevent this all-too-common chronic workplace syndrome in your organization.

Make wellbeing a constant workplace priority

Workplace wellbeing is what sets a good business apart from a great one. Take action to make wellbeing a constant conversation within your organization. From managers to HR leaders, everyone has a role to play when it comes to building a healthier Future of Work.