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Public Blockers

Work-related Yellows and Reds naturally expose blockers, so you can take action.

Burnout Alerts

Fight burnout before it starts with smart alerts and recommendations.

Coaching Context

Nail every important conversation with key context, before you meet.

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Reduce Turnover

Don't lose your best people.

Build camaraderie. Don’t wait for a happy hour to bond. Help teammates get to know each other in Slack.

Not just a number. Show your customer support team that you care with daily check-ins.

Fight burnout. Create a safe place for frustration and get alerted when burnout comes near.

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Celebrate every win and address every snag.

Learn what drives your team. Understand what motivates each direct report through day-to-day interactions. 

Be part of the action. Clearly see who is struggling, so you know what customer calls to join and where to lend a hand. 

Brighten up your workplace. Negative customer interactions can be a drag. Create an inviting environment where your staff isn’t afraid to speak up.

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Give Feedback

Encourage a culture of accountability.

Improve feedback culture. Build a foundation of trust for more honesty and psychological safety.

Normalize days off. Catch red days and reduce the stigma of taking personal time off.

Feel like a team again. Public check-ins spark team-wide support. Encourage more every day kindness.

Hire Fast

Attract your next game-changing hire.

Let your people tell the story. If you’re well-regarded review sites, it’s partly due to a strong remote culture. Trust Kona to establish that.

Celebrate achievements. Give kudos when an employee hits a personal or work milestone through Kona threads. 

Put the ball in their court. When employees can contribute ideas and make decisions themselves, they’ll feel like an asset. Foster an open-door policy through the transparency Kona provides.

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