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Public Blockers

Work-related Yellows and Reds naturally expose blockers, so you can take action.

Water Cooler Chat

Break silos and build trust through natural, fun conversations.

Manager Training

Kona guides new managers through everyday, high-EQ interactions.

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Break Silos

Because distributed shouldn't mean disjointed.

Fight isolation. Focus days don't have to be lonely. Help teams get to know each other directly in Slack.

Clear blockers together. Don't let your developers face problems alone. Build a culture of asking for help.

Reduce friction.
Build a foundation of trust for less communication and more collaboration.

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Train Managers

Teach new managers important soft skills

Normalize vulnerability. It can be hard to open up. Make it easy to spark conversations and share how you're feeling.

Prepare for key conversations
. Kona will collect your teammates' weekly moods before a 1:1, so you have crucial context.

Turn bad days into teaching moments.
Teach new managers how to approach, mentor, and support struggling teammates.

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Dive into real company stories

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Protect Top Talent

Engineers are in high demand; make your company a no-brainer.

Encourage constant growth. Don’t let your staff stagnate. Visualize engagement and intervene fast.

Catch burnout before it happens. Kona will notify you of potential burnout, before it's a problem.

Make data-based decisions
. Bring data to your leadership to make the case for company-wide changes.

Scale with Empathy

Find the best developers through word-of-mouth.

Let your people tell the story. If you’re well-regarded review sites, it’s partly due to a strong remote culture. Trust Kona to establish that.

Celebrate achievements
. Give kudos when an engineer hits a personal or work milestone through Kona threads. 

Put the ball in their court
. When employees can contribute ideas and make decisions themselves, they’ll feel like an asset. Foster an open-door policy through the transparency Kona provides.

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