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Learn how HR folks use Kona to hit their OKRs. Every. Time.

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Access daily insights. Get the background on your direct report before 1:1s.

Get a birds-eye view. Understand how every team is feeling.

Improve engagement. Maximize your org’s employee lifetime value.

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Help Your New Hire Feel Comfortable From Day One

Counter first-day jitters. Help new hires feel comfortable when they see the vulnerability from their managers and teammates through check-ins. 

Break the facade. When teammates are honest about a 💛 or ❤️ day without repercussions, new hires will feel like they can be transparent, too. 

Get them up to speed. Shorten your employees ramp up time by understanding exactly what they need when they need it.

"I’ve been working remotely for three years and have never felt this welcomed when joining a distributed team. Everyone was so enthusiastic and already felt comfortable enough to be myself and make jokes from the day one. Kona is a game-changer for any remote organization.”

Sarah Archer, Head of Content Strategy at Kona


Help Your Team Feel Fulfilled at Work. Access Metrics to Prove it.

Improve employee well-being. Nix arbitrary goals. Track how employees are feeling in real-time. Show the executive team that your initiatives work. 

Help managers get a pulse. Create a channel that helps managers read the room remotely. When body language cues are hidden behind the screen, Kona provides that sixth sense.

Act before it’s too late. See someone trending 💛? Ask if you can take to-do’s off their plate or give them time off. Prevent burnout before they’re checked out.

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Dive into real company stories

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Build an Inclusive Company Culture, Naturally

Be your authentic self. Celebrate other cultures and ways of life every day. Improve awareness without mandated diversity training.

Create a safe space to talk about DEI. Prompt conversations and address concerns without repercussions. Keep check-ins private to immediate teams to harness trust.

Celebrate together. Your people will feel heard when they’re in a celebratory mood — never miss a moment to cheer them on.

“In early 2021, anti-Asian hate was rampant. We had a lot of customers tell us stories of folks checking in as ❤️ and it helped people who wouldn't have exposure to these issues really understand how it affects those around them and their communities. We actually saw a spike in overall ❤️ among all Kona users during that week as a lot of people were sharing how they really felt about everything going on.”

Siddharth Paniya, Co-founder and CEO at Kona


Finally, Measure Culture.

Prove culture wins with data. Get metrics that you can share with your executive team. Create and reach goals to improve them.

Retention. End bitter exit interviews. Create a workplace culture that people want to be a part of, and is hard to leave.

Involve the whole team. Put titles aside. No one is left out. Everyone is heard.

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“You're a person first. Caring about every person on your team is crucial for fostering inclusivity, psychological safety, and ultimately, an environment for creativity and innovation. It's worth investing in a tool like Kona to show sincerity in taking action and having a concrete approach for doing so.” 

— Laura, Head of Design at Happy Money

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