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Learn why the best team cultures rely on Kona every day.

More than 150 remote teams use Kona to improve engagement, management, culture, and employee well-being.

Here's what Kona can do for your people.

Laura Zinssmeister, Director of Design

"The team ditched our other check-in tool without me even saying so—and I'm so glad we did. Kona allows me to personalize how I manage each person on my team."

Tyler Sellhorn, Head of Customer Experience

"Kona does an awesome job of putting team bonding autopilot and giving people prompts to be reflective and intentional with relationship building across time zones."

Emil Taveras, Sr Manager of Customer Support

"I saw that someone on my team marked themselves as red today, so I checked in with them and asked them to take the day off. Without Kona I wouldn't have known to do that."

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