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How Terminal's Talent Acquisition team jumps on blockers faster with Kona

"Kona is a better way to share how we are actually feeling day to day. I've seen my team members come together and support one another when a teammate posts yellow/red. It's made us more collaborative."


Talent Acquisition Manager, Terminal

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See how Kona is helping remote teams build culture

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“I really like Kona. It makes me really think about my mental health and my vibe for the day - I don't usually take the time to think about that.”


Software Engineer,
The Athletic

"I saw that someone on my team marked themselves as red today, so I checked in with them and asked them to take the day off. Without Kona I wouldn't have known to do that."


Sr. Manager of Customer Support,

"The team ditched our other check-in tool without me even saying so––and I'm so glad we did. When Kona tells me '60% of this meeting's attendees are yellow/red today,' I know not to take it personally if they sound a little off. Kona allows me to personalize how I manage each person on my team."


Director of Design,
Happy Money

"[Kona] spurred some really fruitful conversations that we might normally have in the office. Being remote 24/7 during this pandemic, Kona was able to help us feel a bit closer and be more communicative during these crazy times."


SDR Enablement Manager,

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