Build happier, bonded teams with team building software

Team building must be intentional in remote settings. Invest in a tool that builds camaraderie and trust, naturally.
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Build happier, bonded teams with team building software


Track how your people feel when they approach work every day.

What is employee team building software?


Measure how initiatives and management style impacts your people.

Why do you need a team-building software?


Learn and make changes before facing preventable turnover.

What is employee team building software?

Kona's team building software is a tool used to help remote teams bond, build rapport, and ultimately, trust one another. Sometimes activities or remote happy hours can feel forced. And no one wants that. Kona helps employees build strong bonds with each other on a day-to-day basis by facilitating threads for discussion and sending pre-meeting alerts to understand how their week has gone. 

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Why do you need a team-building software?

Team building software supports teams as they scale. Even if you feel bonded as a team, consider your process for getting a new hire up to speed. Kona puts every team member on the same playing field and fast tracks onboarding — the tool helps conversations start naturally and connections between colleagues who might not connect as frequently without it.

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Analyze team happiness data in custom dashboards

All data from your team's daily checks gets sent into a dashboard where Kona can spot trends, warn you about burnout and prompt managers to action. Each manager can see how their team has been feeling as a group as well as individual members.

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What happens without a tool for team building?

Our team has experienced many different work environments without a team building tool — in office, hybrid, and remote. For many, team building activities were ad hoc and at the discretion of the manager. Every team had different experiences. Some team members said they didn’t know much about their remote colleagues after a year of working together. Yikes!

Without a tool to support your team building efforts, your efforts won’t be consistent and measurable. You might not notice a disengaged team member until they resign. 

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Key benefits of using an employee team building software:

Improve productivity.

Improve productivity.

Stronger employee relationships lead to higher productivity.

Establish relationships.

Establish relationships.

Build trust amongs your team members, even if they don’t work as closely together.

Improve cross-collaboration.

Improve cross-collaboration.

When your team understands each other better, they’re more likely to connect the dots and get creative.

Increase employee motivation.

Increase employee motivation.

Bringing the group together will motivate employees to collaborate, as well as share their wins and challenges.

Ways you can use Kona to help your team: 

Use Kona to support employee wellbeing across every department.

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Improve team building with Kona.

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