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Kona, the tool for improving employee wellbeing

Make the company-defining decision to be people-first. Prioritize well-being. Use Kona for free, forever.
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Track how your people feel when they approach work every day.


Measure how initiatives and management style impacts your people.


Learn and make changes before facing preventable turnover.

What is employee wellbeing software?

It’s a tool to help you understand, empathize, and improve employee wellbeing throughout the entire employee lifestyle. Strong employee well-being improves productivity, morale, and retention. You can use Kona to support your people in the moment. 

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What is employee wellbeing software?

Effectively managing a team is hard. Even harder if you don’t have a tool to measure well-being or have too many HR tools in your tool stack. Employees wants and needs are diverse. And it’s easy to lose track of how your employees feel, or worse, engage when it’s already too late. Use one tool to assess and measure wellbeing, support your people, and make crucial changes as you grow.

Why does employee wellbeing suffer without an all-in-one tool?

Without a streamlined tool, employee wellbeing is near impossible to identify, measure, and act on at a company-wide level. With varying degrees of management styles, large workloads that go unnoticed, and mental health support as an ad hoc to-do, your people can easily suffer in silence. If you celebrate vulnerability and create a psychologically safe work environment, everyone is on an equal playing field. Kona will do that for you.

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Key benefits of using an employee wellbeing software:

Identify weaknesses.

You can't make changes without knowing what's wrong. Identify where your well-being support is weak and address changes quickly.

Improve employee morale.

Monitoring morale regularly will help you address challenges swiftly on the team wide and company-wide level. 

Find top talent.

Leverage your reputation as a people-first employer as a talent lead magnet.

Grow employee referrals.

When your people are happy, they won’t be afraid to share it with the world.

Ways you can use Kona to help your team: 

Use Kona to support employee wellbeing across every department. 

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Manage employee wellbeing with Kona.

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