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Employee engagement software for people-first teams.

Gather daily feedback, uncover trends, act on real-time insights, and build a world-class company culture.
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Track how your people feel when they approach work every day.


Measure how initiatives and management style impacts your people.


Learn and make changes before facing preventable turnover.

What is employee engagement software?

It’s a tool to help you understand and act on employee engagement at scale. Know how your employees feel about your company and their role through real-time analytics. Leverage trends and burnout alerts to make key decisions before it's too late. There are lots of moving pieces when managing employee engagement; Kona makes it easy to improve employee engagement at the macro and micro levels. 

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Why do you need it?

Effectively managing a team is hard. Effectively managing an organization is even harder. Ad hoc surveys don’t tell the whole story and oftentimes, results come in when it’s too late. Use one tool to assess and measure employee engagement, support your people, and make crucial changes as you grow without even leaving Slack.

What happens without an employee engagement tool?

If you don’t use employee engagement software within your organization, you miss out on key metrics that spot disengaged employees, or worse, those who are considering resigning. With Kona, managers get context on how their employees approach work every day, and People Ops has access to organization-wide trends. Understand employee engagement, happiness, and morale by team to act and make changes before it’s too late. Kona will help you do that, automatically. 

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Key benefits of using an employee engagement software:

Hear out each and every employee.

Managers know how their employees feel and why they're feeling that way. This level of daily vulnerability permeates through the organization. It makes employee engagement natural.

Make onboarding a breeze. Every time.

Imagine signing onto your first name to a sea of names, but no context. Kona facilities a deeper level of engagement from day one. 

Improve employee retention.

When you don't see an employees body language in the office, it's easy for withdrawal to go unnoticed until an official resignation. Kona helps you spot that to make changes before it's too late.

Improve employee morale.

Monitoring morale regularly will help you address challenges swiftly on the team wide and company-wide level. 

Ways you can use Kona to help your team: 

Use Kona to support employee wellbeing across every department. 

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Improve employee engagement with Kona.

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