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Virtual Team Building: The Ultimate Manager Guide

Everything you need to know about building trust for remote/hybrid teams.

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This guide is the final product of two years of research, 300 hours of interviews, and countless learnings from 600 of the world’s top remote leaders.

We hoped to address the hardest part of managing a remote team and the key to a successful company culture: team building and trust. We've made this resource free because everyone deserves to love where they work and who they work with.

Building trust goes beyond team bonding activities

The best leaders know that a team’s ability to build trust determines their success. A manager’s job is to guide and grow the people on a team, not just their results.

Here’s the problem: It’s notoriously difficult to build close relationships virtually.

A single icebreaker or game won’t build up the foundation for a relationship. Trust needs regular maintenance, it decays quickly behind a screen. That's why managers need a strategy for team building that involves every team process. This guide includes 10 chapters to help you get started today.

Key Takeaways

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Why team building is important
  • How to set up processes for encouraging trust
  • When to iterate on your culture with feedback

Before you start

We use “managers” to describe any leader who manages a team. We’ve interviewed leaders at over 250 tech companies in our research, ranging in size and remote plan. The term “manager” implies a rigid hierarchy but every manager had a different leadership style and organizational structure. We do our best to present tips to help every kind of leader succeed.

Inspiration for this guide was thanks to @MeetKevon, who released an incredible guide on Building In Public earlier this year.

At Kona, we’re building the culture and trust platform for remote teams. We’d love to hear from you, so please reach out @getkona.

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