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"62% of respondents said having someone in a leadership role speak openly about mental health would make them feel more comfortable talking about it themselves."
- Forbes

That's why we've teamed up with #PeopleFirst leaders to share stories of resilience and hope.

Hear their incredible journeys and contribute your own to normalize mental health.

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Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month with digital swag. We have everything to help you wear your heart on your sleeve.

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Downloadable mental health resources for managers

Actions speak louder than words. Go beyond saying you support mental health in your workplace. Engage in important conversations, lead activities, and nurture a psychologically safe work environment. We developed these downloadable resources to get you started.

What does it mean to lead #PeopleFirst?

Growing a people-first business means that you make decisions in the interest of your employees first. It's not enough to say you're people-first—it must be engrained in your values and culture. That means you make the conscious decision to invest in your employees happiness, growth, and health.

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The definitive guide to building #PeopleFirst remote teams
that last.

Management is hard. Building a tight-knit team culture while completely distributed is even harder.

We gathered learnings from three years of remote manager interviews (900 conversations to date!) on every aspect of #PeopleFirst remote leadership.

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The proof is in the data. Employee wellbeing programs
are must-haves in 2022.

This year, we interviewed 350 remote leaders at 175 of the top startups in the world. Even at culture forward organizations, there were staggering trends around wellbeing.

63% of remote leaders had experienced burnout in the last six months.

30% of remote leaders didn't have the resources or time to support their team's mental health.

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