Management is f*cking hard.

Build great leadership habits in 30 days.

The personalized accelerator for remote managers.

We’ve worked with hundreds of managers at

Because leadership courses and books
fail to fix your specific leadership blockers.

“I'm always too nice with hard conversations. Why do I withhold difficult feedback until it’s too late?”
“I’ve tried everything to keep my remote teammates motivated and engaged. It's silent on Slack.”
“We're siloed! I’m struggling to get my team to collaborate and align across time zones.”

A three-step process that fits your workflow.


Leadership Audit

See your leadership blindspots. We audit time management, effectiveness, and personality.

30-Day Action Plan

We design your action plan with tailored leadership habits you can use for a lifetime.

& Coaching Check-ins

Our coaching check-ins keep leaders accountable, without crowding your calendar.

Some of our most common focus areas

Prioritization, Expectations, and Alignment

Set proper expectations, direction, and prioritization to create a culture of high achievement.

Coaching & Feedback

Up-level your people and get honest feedback from your team.

Praise & Recognition

Learn how to recognize great work and motivate your team.

Connection & Engagement

Build a culture of psychological safety and trust while remote.

Uncertainty & 
Change Management

Navigate changing environments and be a harbor for your team.

What our leaders have to say


from Mercury
"We all loved the workshop, thanks again! I’ve sent a message to the leader of the all-team monthly manager meetings to ask if she’s be interested in having a Kona-hosted workshop for all managers."


from Happy Money
"I am a big fan of Yen and the work that they do with Kona. Yen and I collaborated to identify what would be a meaningful conversation to bring to my team. Yen was so open to creating something specific to my company and my team... My team loved the presentation and rally felt like they learned a lot. Thank you so much to Yen and to Kona!"


from Aircall
"Yen helped us create a reflective moment for us to think about what we need, and the tools to achieve it, when it comes to work-life balance and mental health in the workplace."

Frequently asked questions

You'll work directly with Kona’s co-founders
(Yen Tan and Siddharth Pandiya), who have interviewed over 1,200 remote managers, led workshops and coaching sessions, and had their leadership research featured in several publications.
Preparation for your custom action plan (audit, kick-off interview, game plan) takes about two hours total. Afterwards, your cadence can be completely customized to your schedule––weekly 1:1s, ad hoc touch-points, async write-ups––it's up to you and your working style!
The only preparation needed is a bit of reflection. Having a goal for the 30-day accelerator and an understanding of your leadership gaps can help us accomplish more! This may include preparing specific examples or goals.
Every program plan is tailored to the needs of each remote manager in the program. While we list five general categories of skills, the exact habits you work on will depend on your leadership audit and needs.
It's hard enough to manage teams, let alone manage budget cuts, lay-offs, and increased pressure. We're creating a limited-time 80% discount for early birds! We also believe great leadership should be accessible, period.

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The Remote Manager Accelerator

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Three-Step Process
  1. 360-Degree Leadership Audit
  2. Personalized 30-Day Action Plan
  3. Accountability & Coaching Check-ins

What You Get
  1. 360-degree manager effectiveness survey
  2. Enneagram test and work style audit
  3. Time management assessment
  4. Evergreen leadership best practices
  5. Personalized, custom-cadence coaching
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