1:1 Briefs give meetings context.

1:1 Preparation
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Make the most out of 1:1s with AI-powered briefs. Kona will send you a summary of your teammate’s week so you can dive in with context.
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Effective 1:1s with half the preparation.

Get the context you need, 15 min before

Kona summarizes the week, giving you key highlights, so you can have more productive conversations.

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Walk through key situations before the call

With Kona’s conversational AI, you can reflect and prepare for crucial conversations before you meet.

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Kona connects to Google Calendar, to make the most of your meetings.

Kona supercharges your meeting workflow with hours of meeting reporting and 1:1 briefs.

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See why teams love Kona’s 1:1 Briefs.


Add Kona to Slack.

Kona will ask your team how they're feeling every day and sumarize it for you before meetings.


Connect your Google Calendar to Kona.

1:1 meetings from your calendar will sync into Kona, letting her know when to ping you.


Look out for a Slack message from Kona.

Check your Slack messages. Scroll down to Kona App to see all your briefs.


Start coaching session to prepare for your 1:1.

You can ask Kona for help with project management issues, a drop in performance, or conflict.

Use the tools you already have

Slack/MS Teams

Kona lives in your team channels, blending in with your workflow.

Google Calendar

Link your Google Calendar
and get more from your existing meetings.

HRIS Integrations

With over 38+ HRIS integrations, Kona gives HR teams superpowers.

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