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Kona has been trained by the executive coaching team guiding leaders at
Slack, Dropbox, and Glassdoor.

✓ 24/7 conversational support for projects, conflict, feedback, and more

✓ Run through guiding questions and get relevant advice to your situation

✓ Smart conversations that draw context from your other tools

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Companies can't afford to give every leader a private executive coach.
Managers can't wait months to resolve pressing issues and questions.
Get your middle managers the help they deserve, immediately.

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Input your values.

Coaching tailored to your culture.

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Kona asks questions in the right moment.

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On-demand coaching.

Push your managers in the right direction.

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Guiding questions to uncover what's under the surface.

The best coaches ask great questions. Understand your people and get coached on navigating difficult situations.
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Context-aware coaching
that understands your
team's situation.

Upload employee "work with me" guides,
relevant 1:1 agendas, company values, management principles, and more
with our 40+ integrations.

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