Our mission is to empower leaders with expert advice they can act on.

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After having conversations with over 800 managers and leadership experts since January 2020, we've honed in on a clear mission: to be there for managers as they embark on their journey toward leadership development. Our goal is to empower them with the confidence to lead teams that foster happiness, trust, and productivity.

This mission inspired the creation of Kona, an innovative platform loaded with cutting-edge AI tech. Kona is all about arming team leads with expert-backed leadership advice, available at their fingertips. We offer personalized and intensive programs that deliver quick results. Our sweet spot? Meeting you where you are and helping you better understand and support your team.

Kona serves a dual purpose: empowering team leads to handle tough situations and supercharging team productivity while keeping empathy front and center. On top of that, we offer top-notch leadership training tailored to your team leads and managers, making sure your company leads effectively.

At Kona, we firmly believe that empathy and well-being are not just nice-to-haves; they're must-haves in any workplace. These days, we're the trusted partner for countless companies, helping them nurture teams that are not only productive but also overflowing with empathy and thriving.

Launched in October


at UCLA (Go Bruins!)

Kona supports


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remote leaders

Meet our co-founders

Our founding team came together because we believe in a new generation of leaders that have the support to thrive, and help their remote teams succeed.

A picture of our three co-founders: Corine, Sid, and Andrew

Sid Pandiya, Co-Founder/CEO (left). Yen Tan, Co-Founder/Leadership Expert (right).

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At Kona, our employees are living our mission by working remotely from anywhere, anytime. We’re a diverse team working asynchronously across several time zones and hire based on talent, not location. We're always looking for our next teammate, so check out our open roles!

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