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What People Teams deal with

A People Team person concerned about manager problems

“My managers need help with difficult conversations. They’re struggling with team performance or failing to bring up feedback in a timely manner.”

“Managers keep coming to me with basic questions that we’ve covered in training programs. I spend hours each week coaching managers.”

“Our trainings are fantastic but I’m struggling to drive engagement. Managers are too busy for workshops.”

"It's impossible to facilitate training for managers across time zones, they're always 'too busy' to attend."

Kona: The internal coach designed for your company

The internal coach designed for your company.

Kona connects to your documentation, trainings, and existing tools to deliver highly personalized advice aligned to your values.

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Kona pulls information from your company
Kona integrates with team's tools
Kona develops your managers with practice, not theory

Develop your managers with practice, not theory.

Managers bring real-life scenarios to Kona and apply best practices for effective feedback, expectation setting, and more.

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Kona is trained on over 20 leadership frameworks
Kona stays on top of things for you
Kona is the on-demand support for every manager and timezone

On-demand support for every manager and timezone.

Managers can talk to Kona and get their problem solved in 5 minutes, without scheduling a call or leaving Slack.

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Kona is always available
Kona connects to all data you need
Connect Kona to your team's tools

Connect Kona to your team’s tools


Kona helps managers prepare data, draft answers, and deliver their performance reviews in half the time.


Kona promotes your latest L&D resources and courses to help managers hit their continuous learning goals.

Project Management

Kona factors in recent tasks, projects, and calendar schedules to support better feedback and prioritization.

Knowledge Management

Kona pulls from your documentation/source of truth to ensure it follows your company processes.


Kona references team structures to give more relevant coaching, according to how your company actually works.

Looking for an integration?

Kona can integrate to the tools your team is used to, so you don't take them out of their flow.

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How it works

Kona’s AI Leadership Coach


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What you get

  • 24/7, on-demand expert leadership advice.
  • Custom document uploads and admin features
Why leaders love Kona

Why leaders love Kona:

"I've never seen anything like this. This is almost an additional headcount in our HR team. When a manager comes to me with a situation, it can take 1-2 hours of my time. Kona gives them the same advice I would give, within 5 minutes.

Sussane Pool

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I have been using the heck out of Kona, for both bigger [leadership problems] and smaller things. I’ll be honest, I have absolutely loved it. It’s been incredible. The one that I sent yesterday, I was in full tears at my desk over how helpful and empathetic Kona was. It’s been really amazing so far. Getting a leadership coach for 50 bucks a month is a no-brainer. That’s something you’d generally have to pay quite a bit more for.

Chelsea Long

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Kona helps me get to a solution for my problem within 5-10 minutes, where without it I’d need to mull it over and talk to my manager for 30-45 minutes or more.

Mark H

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I don't think I've ever felt this way before [about my performance reviews]. I am magnitudes more confident. I am legit so excited to share this feedback with my team members. Like who’s said that about performance reviews before? I told our People team that I used Kona for it. They read it and they were like, ‘Holy Cow, this is perfect. If it were me receiving it, I would want to change based on this feedback.'

Laura Z

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Kona the AI Leadership Coach
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