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Employees with managers that listen to their work-related problems are 62% less likely to be burned out.

Translation: empathy drives retention.

Meet Kona.

Your mini culture officer. In Slack.

Capture mental health and morale, without surveys or boring icebreakers.

Build the habit of checking in.

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The check-in every team loves.

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Faster than "how are you?"

As fun as picking an emoji.
As easy as talking about your day.

Deliberately transparent.

Invite vulnerability and trust
with non-anonymous check-ins.

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People-first results.

Encourage more collaboration, support, and celebrations.

What managers are saying...

Laura Zinssmeister, Director of Design

"The team ditched our other check-in tool without me even saying so—and I'm so glad we did. Kona allows me to personalize how I manage each person on my team."

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Antoine Moreau, Director of Partnerships NA

"I call it my little sidekick. It’s like having an extra person on the team, a mini People Ops team within Partnerships, that reports to me about the team’s problems. It helps me be a better manager and support my team in the moment.”

Emil Taveras, Sr Manager of Customer Support

"I saw that someone on my team marked themselves as red today, so I checked in with them and asked them to take the day off. Without Kona I wouldn't have known to do that."

The dashboard every culture needs.

Burnout and morale, simplified.

Goodbye, complex surveys.
Hello, effortless real-time trends.

No-distraction guidance.

Review key trends before 1:1s.
Prepare for key conversations fast.

The culture command center.

Get high level with annotations.
Put your culture goals into practice.

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Who are we?

We’re Kona, a Techstars-backed startup. Our founding team came together because we’d all been burned by poor leadership. We're here to make the Future of Work happier.

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