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Kona the Dog sits at a desk looking at a remote team wellness graph.
A pop-art graphic shows a remote manager is shocked as his top performer leaves due to poor culture.

"I used to get these cold engagement surveys
and I'd dread them.

This is different. Kona is warmer. More human."

– VP of Growth, 400-person company

Kona - Build remote team culture in Slack | Product Hunt

Meet Kona.

Emotional support dog. Culture officer. Good boy.

With Kona, getting a pulse on team mental health is as easy as sending an emoji. Build morale and capture trends with a check-in that teams actually love.

A dog sits at a desk looking at a pie graph

Show your team that you care in Slack.

A GIF of Kona'sA screenshot of Kona's signature work style preferences for remote team culture.A screenshot of Kona's signature burnout report for remote team culture.

Make check-ins fun.

Not a work stand-up, a life check-in.
Sum up your day with your favorite emoji.

Build trust with little moments.

Get to know your team on a deeper level. Spark fun conversations and bonding.

Get ahead of blockers.

"Red" moods and trends trigger alerts.
Support your team in the moment.

Dive into powerful health data on Web.

Alerts before burnout strikes.

Never miss a struggling teammate again. Kona reveals trends so you can act.

Briefs for better 1-1s.

Connect Google Calendar to get the week's check-in history before you meet.

Annotate for learnings at scale.

What works for your team? Make data-backed decisions and iterate fast.

A GIF of Kona'sA GIF of Kona'sA GIF of Kona's

What managers are saying...

A man gives a thumbs-up next to Kona.

"Our team is more effective and connected... It’s all from taking a simple 30-second pulse each morning.”

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"The team ditched our other check-in tool without me even saying so––and I'm so glad we did. Kona allows me to personalize how I manage each person on my team."


Director of Design, Happy Money

"I saw that someone on my team marked themselves as red today, so I checked in with them and asked them to take the day off. Without Kona I wouldn't have known to do that."


Director of Support,

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Who are we?

We’re Kona, a Techstars-backed startup. Our founding team came together because
we’d all been burned by remote work before. We're here to make remote work happier.

Kona's remote team insights are backed by industry experts, including...


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Empathy is a habit.

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