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Kona is a manager assistant that implements leadership best practices, right into Slack.

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"Caring about how employees feel about their work at the end of the day should be a deep-rooted quality of any leadership... As a leader, it’s essential to be on the pulse to measure your employees’ sentiment. One of the tools we use to help us measure how our Oysters are feeling is Kona."

Tony Jamous
CEO at Oyster

Take a pulse, as easy as sharing an emoji.

Remote doesn’t mean disconnected. Spark conversations with teammates, discover blockers, and stay on top of team morale with Kona’s Red-Yellow-Green check-ins.

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Collect anonymous feedback every week, right in Slack.

Withheld feedback is a team killer. Give your team a dedicated spot in Slack for continuous, anonymous feedback with Kona’s Feedback feature.

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Instantly prepare for your weekly one-on-ones.

One-on-ones take a lot of time to get right. Dive into their week and get relevant tips to make the most out of your weekly syncs with Kona’s AI Meeting Briefs.

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Get 24/7 coaching for any team situation.

Management is hard and mentors get busy. Get 24/7 confidential support on crucial conversations and team problems with Kona’s AI Leadership Coach.

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Stay on top of team engagement.

Don’t lose track of team trends. Kona alerts managers on changes in team morale and behavior so you can address problems fast and focus on what’s important.

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Psychological Safety

Put team-building on autopilot.

Psychological safety can transform remote teams. Build trust with daily prompts and conversation starters.

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Drive team growth.

Iterate on what makes your team best. Gather anonymous feedback, and get 24/7 AI coaching.

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Team Well-being & Burnout

Be there before burnout happens

Drive high-performing, sustainable teams by tracking real-time morale, health trends, and more.

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A screenshot of Kona's signature work style preferences for remote team culture.
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Manager Training

Reach your full leadership potential

Build your management skills while you work with AI coaching, smart alerts, and one-on-one guidance.

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Kona lives in your team channels, limiting disruptions.

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Sync Kona with your calendar to get more from your meetings.

HRIS Integrations

With over 38+ HRIS integrations, Kona slots into HR workflows.

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