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Support employees that check-in ‘anxious’

When an employee checks in that they’re feeling ‘anxious,’ send a breathing exercise, offer Talkspace and Headspace, and notify the manager to follow up with them.

Smart nudge overview

Anxiety is known to affect workplace performance, relationships with colleagues and managers, and quality of work. 

If gone unnoticed and unsupported, productivity and morale can fail. When an employee is vulnerable and shares their feelings of anxiety, it’s the ideal moment to offer them support. 

With this smart nudge, we offer support in three different ways. 

First, we send them a breathing exercise. Breathing exercises help address the body’s stress responses and replaces them with what you feel when you’re relaxed. Successful leaders are known to rely on breathing exercises to stay focused at work, and they can help your direct report cope with their anxiety in the moment. 

Second, we share resources for Talkspace and Headspace, which offer therapy and guided meditations. If your company offers different mental health resources, let us know! We’re happy to personalize your smart nudge. 

Third, we notify the employee’s managers to check in on them. If that means pushing a deadline, taking something off their plate, or simply showing your support, a direct report’s feeling of anxiety will never go unnoticed. 

For more resources, read our guide on what to do when you're anxious at work.

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