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Get a burnout alert during red trends

When an employee or team is trending red, send a burnout alert to their manager or people ops.

Smart nudge overview

Burnout leads to disengaged employees, costing employers 34% of their annual salary. And, burned out employees are 2.6x more likely to look for employment elsewhere. 

When productivity and retention is on the line, it’s up to managers and people ops to reverse burnout the moment there are signs and establish processes to prevent burnout in the first place. 

With this smart nudge, you can keep a pulse on employee burnout on the individual contributor, team-wide, and company level. When an employee is trending red through their daily check-ins, managers will be notified to investigate and support their direct report. On a larger scale, when an entire team is trending red, the people ops team will be notified to reach out to the manager and help them resolve the issue at hand. 

Kona helps you identify and measure the level of employee burnout in the moment, far before it’s too late.

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